• Challenges

    Now you are asking yourself why do something you do not enjoy (yet) and frankly dread.
  • Who knows why something sells.

  • Ideas

    All of this leads me to telling you that my office at work is full of pottery. It is on the counter, above the cabinets and it rotates in and out as it comes from the kiln to my office and then back to my home to be photographed and then it might move back to the office if I am out of room at home.
  • Fat Birds

  • Why Mushrooms?

    So, that leads me to my topic of the day, which is why we are drawn to certain things. I continue to take pottery class at Old School Farm Pottery and some of us have been there since the beginning session so we’ve gotten to know each other pretty well. Mary likes to makes things that involve nature and astrology. She makes these fabulous mugs with peoples’ star signs on them and wonderful leaf plates. Her carving is fantastic and I would recognize her work anywhere. Rachel makes breast bowls of all shapes, sizes and colors. She has a story to tell about why she makes them and I think it is great. Jenn hand builds and makes great angular vases and ornaments. I make whimsical creatures like birds and planter people. Each of us has our own distinct style and while we try to push ourselves in each class to grow and improve, we still have our “go to” design. Mine seems to be mushrooms.