Why do I make these things?

For my birthday in 2017, I received pottery classes as a present from my Mom. Little did I know that from that first class at Old School Farm Pottery in Nashville, that my whimsical creations would be born.
I have been asked where the ideas for my planter people come from and it all goes back to the 60's in San Antonio, Texas. When I a little girl, maybe 6 or 7 years old, we would go visit my mother's family in Texas and four of her younger sisters shared one big room at the back on the house. On Saturday nights they would all be there getting ready for their dates, Creedence Clearwater Revival playing in the background, and they would let me sit at the vanity with them to watch the preparations. On the vanity were these paper mache heads with a pincushion on the top, made to look like Elizabethan figures and I was fascinated by them. My aunt Theresa had made them and to this day when I hear CCR, I am immediately taken back to sitting in that room and those Elizabethan figures, watching my aunts get dressed to go out for the evening.
Flash forward too many years to count and my taking pottery classes (yes, one was not enough and I still continue them) and my deciding to make a planter shaped like a person and immediately I thought of those figures Theresa had made. While mine are not pincushions, hers were the inspiration that I based my first one on and then expanded to other ideas from there.
Now, I have so many ideas that I have to write them down or I will forget them. Friends, family and co-workers stop me everywhere to give suggestions of what I should make next. It has gone from my making one figure in pottery class and mushroomed into my starting a ETSY shop. All I ask is that when you look at them, you just remember a little dark haired girl in the 60's watching her aunts dance around to CCR and smile, because that is what I do as I make them.
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